In the midst of new projects and touring, we wanted to celebrate the 30 year anniversary of Saint Luke Productions in video. For those of you that weren't able to join us at the celebration, we have uploaded the documentary to show the evolution of the ministry. We hope you enjoy this retrospective look at Saint Luke Productions!

Donations: If you would like to join us in touching souls with live drama and the media, please prayerfully consider donating in honor of the 30 years and for continuance into the next decade to support this ministry.



Celebrating 30 Years – Notes and Quotes from Audiences and Supporters

"During my conversion, I had all but given up my dream to act, assuming the career of acting and a Christian life were impossible. But after I met Leonardo and Patti, I realized it was possible. If God calls you to something, He will create a way. And I know St. Luke Productions has not had an easy way throughout their ministry. Thank you, Leonardo and Patti, for remaining faithful to your call."

- Lindsay Younce, Thérèse Actress


"Congratulations on thirty years of your apostleship through theater…your success is a sign that the Lord is blessing you. Keep giving him the glory and thank you from the bottom of my heart."

- Lou, MI


"Knowing about and supporting the work of SLP has changed my life and I'm very grateful."

- Anonymous


"Your work is a true inspiration for me!"

- Linda, NY


"Leonardo and Patti, 30 Years is a tremendous accomplishment and the many graces which the Lord has worked through you and this apostolate is very impressive...You both have done a tremendous service to the Church, not only locally in the Northwest, but in the Church Universal. I pray that the Lord will continue to bless Saint Luke Productions and fill you with His joy and peace in accomplishing His will through the mass media and through sacred drama. God bless you – you have my admiration and my congratulations."

- Monsignor John Cihak, Vatican Congregation


"I remember being introduced to St. Luke Productions while homeschooling...I want to thank you for the influence you have had on the formation of our children, us, and our extended family. God bless you in all your future endeavors in glorifying God."

- Holly, Kansas


"Amazing what the Lord has accomplished through Leonardo and Patti and the children, and a large band of merry helpers. Thanks be to God! The outpouring of your gifts has been so immensely fruitful. I think you won't really see how fruitful until Paradise."

- Michael O'Brien, Catholic Author and Artist


"My first and only encounter with your production was when I had the awesome privilege to attend St John Vianney. It was an unforgettable experience that brought to life the character portrayed! Your ministry is certainly anointed, and may God continue to bless each and every one of you in His service!"

- Helen, Canada


"Congratulations for 30 awesome years in serving the Church and using your gifts for the service of others and to the Lord...I have great respect for you - definitely as great people, but also as artists, and just how much your artistic integrity has been such an inspiration to me and obviously to others...I've always been struck by your invention...the way you tell the lives of the Saints...Thank you for saying yes and continuing to say yes."

- Maggie Mahrt, Thérèse Live Drama Actress,


"Many thanks and prayers for your faith-filled service in leading and producing the activities of Saint Luke Productions while raising a large and wonderful family. Hopefully, Saint Luke Productions will live on for another 30 years or more!"

- K.D., Maryland


"The graces you have won for countless people are untellable!!!"

- Fr. Peter John Cameron, O.P.


"I am a huge fan and truly wish you hearty and thankful for your work, Congratulations! Please keep working...your work/performing is important and so very meaningful to so many!"

- Sandy, Texas


"I recommend every person interested in bringing the Light of Jesus Christ to come to Leonardo because there are very few like him in the film and media industry. I believe that Saint Luke Productions & Luke Films is the response of God to the intercession of the Immaculate Heart of Mary to bring new Joy and a personal relationship with Jesus in Our Beloved Catholic Church and the world."

- Carlos Espinosa, CEO/President, Holy Wood Acting Studio


"What a blessing you all have been to so many, including myself."

- Tad, OR


"We are so very proud of everything Saint Luke productions has done and equally proud of seven great grandchildren. Thank you for everything you've brought to our life."

- Dick Slover


"You are in my prayers for 30 more years of 'ministry' touching people with real stories of 'saints of old'. God Bless you as you continue this worthwhile ministry."

- Daniel, Africa


"Congratulations and greetings from Wyandotte, Michigan, Leonardo's home away from home when he is in the Midwest. Our garage is always available for storage and we are happy to be able to oblige! We look forward to many more years of Saint Luke Productions and seeing all of the projects you are working on in sharing the Gospels and the lives of the Saints."

- Richard and Debbie, Michigan


"Let us be among the large chorus of friends and supporters who celebrate your tremendous achievements. We recall your early days when you set out into the deep guided by faith, paddling with hope and relying on charity. Your tremendous faith and hard work has been an inspiration to all of us. We have been enriched by your unique ability to connect us with the communion of saints and the living truth of our faith."

- Anonymous


"For your dedication, inspiration, and doing something beautiful for God, we thank you."

- J & C, IA


"You are and have always been an inspiration. You have created your ministry out of the 'whole cloth' of the entertainment industry and have taken thousands on wonderful faith journeys with your visual presentations."

- Ric, Alaska


"I have the fondest feelings and memories for St. Luke Productions, commencing with the movie 'Therese'. I campaigned to encourage local theater managers to show the movie, which they did, and, during that time, for days, as I prayed before Saint Therese's statue, the most overwhelming aroma of roses permeated the air. I feel St. Therese was pleased, and let me know. Also, I was delighted to see 'Vianney' and meet Leonardo. You are elegant and refined. I pray for your ministry, everyday, at mass."

- Anonymous


"May God, His angels and saints guide, protect and inspire you and all those you love."

- Kathy


"Your 30th anniversary happens to fall on my daughter's eighteenth year. Having Thérèse (the live drama) in our little town was one of those special experiences. The actress and assistant gave her the honor of announcing the event, as well as treating her like a young gave my daughter something to always look back upon, a memory not every eight-year-old child possesses. Thank you, Saint Luke Productions for your many years in God's service."

- Marta, Washington


"Congratulations for the first 30 Years. I hope there will be many more."

- Delia


"We wish we were there to celebrate the 30 years, we send our prayers for the next 30 years!"

- Peter, Texas


"After helping to present a 26-week bible study of John's performed 'The Gospel of John'. It was an incredibly powerful performance for all who did the 26-week study of his Gospel. The Gospel came alive as it never had before. To this day, I am still most grateful."

- Don, OR


"I remember my time with St. Luke with great affection. It's been 30 years of great fruit for God's kingdom!"

- John, Canada


"The movie of Saint Therese brought me closer to the real person and the love she had for Jesus. Thank you for that and for the opportunity it gave me to strengthen my own faith. Congratulations on your thirty year anniversary. Keep up the great work!"

- name


"I was blessed to see your production of St. John Vianney. I felt like I got to know him. This production I am sure has touched many hearts and planted wonderful seeds for God's left me with a deeper appreciation of our priests. Thanks for your holy ministry. Keep doing a great work for God's kingdom. Congratulations on 30 years of service."

- Pam, CA


"I've seen Leonardo's work since the time he was in college. His work is always quality and he's passionate about it. I have watched his passion and I've seen his plays a number of times - whether a live performance, a CD, or the movie on television...Leonardo will throw himself heart and soul into the character and the overall production - and he consistently hits that mark."

- Anonymous


"We hosted our own Red Carpet premiere (of 'Thérèse) at a local movie theater complete with a rose petal cover walkway to the theater and buffet before the screening. It was the first time that I really connected with our patron saint. Through your wonderful production, I felt like I experienced her life and come to a better understanding of her little way."

- Patricia, Texas


"Happy 30th Anniversary and congratulations and thanks to all of you for bringing to our fine city of Denver so many of your productions for us to enjoy...I know that whenever St. Luke's Productions comes to Denver for a performance it will be a worthwhile and enjoyable event."

- Sharon, Colorado


"Keep up the mission!"

- Georgette, Ohio


"I encountered EWTN when I was homebound and I found your 'Thérèse website. I was able to see the trailer, learn more about her, and I loved to check in on your updates. I found the music from the movie so soothing for me. I just love St. Thérèse and she has interceded for me."

- Vivian, New York


"A one-man show that really involves one man - that is unique. Leonardo's ability to take one man's life and put it into an artistic format such as this, with the scope of all the behind the scenes work that goes into the production itself in terms of technology, creating a plot and an exciting drama - all this really amazes me. From the standpoint of an English teacher, this is always very interesting to see."

- Paul, Canada


"Thanks Leonardo and Patti for 30 years of inspired service. From St. John of the Cross, to Therese, to St. John Vianney, your dramas have inspired me and many others here in the area."

- Ed, WA


"Praise God for your work and your ministry! We feel so blessed to have been a part of Saint Luke Productions' ministry. We have wonderful memories of touring with 'Thérèse' and meeting you and your wonderful family. It was such a wonderful time for us...If it wasn't for Saint Luke Productions, we probably would have never met...we wouldn't have these children."

- Michael and Margaret, Alabama
Stage Manager & Thérèse Live Drama Actress


"God love you for all you have done over the years. God Bless."

- Fran


"I so enjoyed your movie about Saint Theresa and I was able to see you perform St. Vianney. It was a tremendous show. Blessings to you for future projects and thank you for all you have done."

- Karen


"Keep up the great work overall! It is very much needed!"

- Anonymous


"Saw your movie about the Little Flower and was really touched with tears in my eyes. I read the book about her last words and that combined with your movie was a total emotional experience."

- Chuck, CA


"'Vianney' by far was the best thing we have ever seen. God Bless you - keep doing what you are doing for Catholic people around the world."

- Laura, Ohio


"God bless you on your 30 years of evangelization...Your plays are entertaining and powerful. They are also true. The world is in desperate need of saints. Your plays remind us of past saints and will inspire future saints. God bless you! May you have many more years of successful Catholic ministry!"

- William, Michigan


"Thank you for doing such a wonderful job with our beautiful Catholic faith through all of your plays, movies and all you do to spread the word with your heart and soul. Many thanks to your family and all those who work with St. Luke's Productions you have been a true gift to the world in all you have been called to do!!!"

- Linda, New York


"I have always enjoyed the work you have produced and at times have been utterly amazed at the performances. I pray that your wonderful work continues and that God provides you with all that you need and an overabundance of blessings and graces."

- Margaret


"Think how happy you have made our little friend (St. Thérèse) by allowing others to understand her life, and, more importantly, her little way to Heaven. May God bless you all."

- Lynne


"Congratulations to you for your 30 years of work to make known the wondrous works of the saints through theatre and the media."

- Lucille, CA


"Congratulations on thirty years of serving God through theater and film! What an accomplishment! I watched the documentary and was so inspired by your hard work and commitment. God bless you, and here's to another 30 years of inspiring hearts."

- Stacey


"I have just watched your documentary online and it has only added to the admiration I have for your ministry. My family and I were able to see your performance of St John Vianney in Toronto and were deeply inspired. We are keeping all of you in our prayers and look forward to the ways the Holy Spirit will use your immense talents to enrich the lives and faith of Catholics throughout the Church. May God continue bless you and continue to bear fruit through your works."

- Tom, Canada


"I just saw your 30th Anniversary video and I just wanted to write to you to say thank you and to tell you that I am so deeply touched by your work and you faithful ministry to God through St. Lukes. I wish you great happiness and continued success. How amazing that God has chosen you to do this important work and how equally amazing it is that you said “YES!” to his invitation. God bless you and your beautiful family and your beautiful St. Luke's family. We need you more than ever in this troubled world."

- Mary


"The 30 years documentary was such an inspiration! So interesting and beautifully put together. I learned what a complete blessing to the Catholic Church and the WORLD you all are...Thank you all for your dedication and keep doing what you're doing. I know many more great blessings are coming your way."

- Sandra


"Thank you so very much for everything you do! It thrills my heart to know that my brothers and sisters in Christ are able to display their talents and win souls in this manner. I have watched the 30 Years of Saint Luke Productions on YouTube and believe it to be glorious."

- Philip