Over the past several years St. Luke Productions has produced a number of feature length movies. This has been a blessing both for us and our fans who love seeing our shows over and over. Feature films allow us to reach a much broader audience than would normally be possible with our dramas alone.

Films in Development

Vianney MovieNew Feature Film on John Vianney!

We need your support to bring this inspiring story to the screen. The film promises to be an epic, set in the tiny village of Ars, in 19th century France. Picture this scene – A peasant priest, poor and unlearned, walks through the countryside towards his new assignment as the pastor of the village church, and meets a young boy. “My son,” the new curé says to him, “you show me the way to Ars, and I will show you the way to heaven.” Gradually, through the love, zeal and sacrifice of this remarkable priest, the entire village is transformed from a decaying and faithless backwater to a center of virtue and faith that attracts the entire world by its holiness, even to this day. The drama of the story lends itself particularly to cinematic treatment, especially the scenes in which Vianney battles the devil. The terror that the villagers experience contrasts dramatically with the calm confidence of the priest in the face of even violent physical attacks. But the most dramatic story happens in the heart of the thousands of pilgrims who flock to his confessional, sometimes just out of curiosity. Whatever their reason for coming, they leave with their hearts softened, and with a repentant spirit. John Vianney is a fascinating character – a man who lived on cold potatoes, dressed in a ragged cassock, but built a church for which no expense was spared. He is a study in contrasts, an extreme ascetic, whose gentleness is especially evident in his love for children.

VIANNEY is the priest for our times, and his movie will inspire vocations and a renewal of our entire culture. You can make it happen by donating and joining the Vianney Movement! Pray for this project, that if it is God’s will, He will provide the necessary funds.

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