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News Headlines

Please God, Where's Tolton?

We've auditioned several talented actors for the role of Father Augustus Tolton, the first African American priest. WE'RE NOT GIVING UP.

Saints Zélie & Louis - They're really like you and me.

When you think of the parents of Saint Thérèse, you picture perfect, pious people, right? After all, it would take flawless parents to produce Saint Thérèse, a Doctor of the Church. But consider these points...

You Brought a Soul to Christ

An old man came up to me, tears in his eyes. " have returned home! I have returned home!" he said.

Confessions of a Flip or Flop Addict

I admit it: I like to watch HGTV home improvement shows on Netflix. In most of them, people are either renovating their house in order to sell it, or they're buying a house with the hope of "flipping" it to make more money...

Catholic Actress Brings Sister Faustina and Divine Mercy Message to Life

"Faustina: Messenger of Divine Mercy," Saint Luke Productions' newest one-woman live performance is based on the life and message of St. Maria Faustina Kowalska (1905-1938), a Polish visionary whose personal encounters with Jesus have inspired a devotion to Christ's Divine Mercy. A parallel modern story within the drama offers audiences a compelling personal connection to the current...

Regina Magazine - The Catholic Film-makers

Film is the future. As anyone who works in social media can tell you, the present and future generations will learn primarily through video – online and on TV. But what does this mean for catechesis? As education moves into the Video Age, REGINA asked several well-regarded Catholic film-makers in Europe, the United Kingdom, North America and Australia about their experience.