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News Headlines

If You Follow, He Will Do Great Things

The audience cheered Elizabeth and Maria as if they were rockstars. I’m still pinching myself. I can’t believe it happened.

A Blast of Light

A light bulb suddenly turned on, and everything became clear.

A Miracle in Our Midst

Doctors informed her she shouldn't have survived.

The Audience Prayed

A near disaster ends in triumph. Johnny was in a panic, but remained outwardly calm.

In Loving Memory of Mother Angelica

I had a long friendship with Mother Angelica, the legendary foundress of EWTN Global Catholic Network, who passed away on March 27th of this year. Saint Luke Productions got its start in 1980, the following year in 1981 she launched her television network, and through the years I had many inspiring encounters with this amazing nun.

Why Didn't You Spare Me?

"Did you ever see the movie Animal House? Well, that was the story of my college career." That's how Father Brian Hurley began his story when I asked him how our live drama Thérèse had touched him...