What did you think of the show?

"Loved the Gift of Peace tonight on EWTN...Amazing to see God using your incredible talent. God bless you."
~ K. S.
"I was so impressed with your versatility playing multiple roles. I was extremely amazed by the use of the cape. It breathed life in its transformations. God has given you such an incredible talent to share His love for us in your performances. I'm looking forward to ordering your DVD's."
~ Becky
"Your work in the first six chapters of Luke was astonishing. The acting is passionate, inspired, sparked by genius as well as the Spirit. I don't know if I have ever seen such fluid movement creating meaning or a voice capable of such subtle shifts in character...You have provided a moving, memorable Christmas experience to hundreds of thousands!"
~ E. W.
"I have just finished The Gift of Peace and The Passion and I was in AWE...If I was not a Christian already I would have become one on the spot."
~ M. D.
"My heart was lifted up. This is truly great theatrical work but, more importantly, a great message told by someone who obviously has a close relation with the Living God. And to see this message told with such theatrical skill and talent set at a very high bar was both refreshing and a real treat."
~ D. B.
"A unique and profoundly moving experience of faith."
~ Fr. Benedict Groeschel, CFR