What did you think of the show?

"I'm 13 and ever since I was 4 I've wanted to be a priest. This has made a powerful impression on me, and I will remember this always. May God continue to bless you now and always."
~ Amaru V.
"This play touched me as my son recently is contemplating being a priest. I pray for all those who may feel the calling to priesthood."
~ Luisa M.
"Amazing! Both the life of St. John Vianny and the quality of this production are amazing. I knew basically nothing of St. John Vianney before this. I will be asking him to help our priests daily now. Thank you for spreading the story of his life."
~ Greg H.
"John was tireless in saving souls even though he lived in one of the most tenuous and dangerous times: during and after the French Revolution. He loved his flock so deeply, and his humility is so profound. Your portrayal and demeanor captured his persona so well."
~ Lee Ann
"I felt like I was actually meeting Jesus through the prayer of this drama. I was then blessed, by purely coincidence of a situation to be in Ars, France after it and felt closer to him because of the play."
~ Anonymous
"Excellent play!...We need all our priests to come see this play and get on fire for Jesus and his vocation. If children come to see this play we will have more vocations to the priesthood for sure. "
~ Manuel and Sara A.
"Sitting there watching...you have the feeling of looking at Saint John Vianney in person. We had the privilege to host Vianney as part of the program at one of our conferences, and we still hear comments from individuals present to the presentation."
~ Edmond