If You Follow, He Will Do Great Things

When Elizabeth Kracker read an article about Faustina: Messenger of Divine Mercy, the desire to bring the show to her community pulled at her heartstrings. But the idea was way outside her comfort zone. She’s the quiet reserved type. She isn’t rich. She knew nothing about event planning or fundraising. 

She said yes anyway. 

“I just told the Lord that if He wanted it, He had to make it happen,” she said. “He picks the most unlikely people so that it’s obvious it’s His work.” 

Although Elizabeth had no idea how to cover the cost of the show, she surmounted obstacle after obstacle. She got local restaurants to participate in a fundraiser and donate a portion of their proceeds. Even people she didn’t know gave money because it was the Lord’s work. 

Still it wasn’t enough. She told the Lord she was out of ideas. Then, miraculously, a woman called to donate a quilt. So Elizabeth learned how to run a quilt raffle, and finally she had exactly the right amount of money. 

When the day came, people drove from hours away to see the show. They wept to hear the message of mercy, their hearts deeply moved within them. The curtain call drew a standing ovation as the audience cheered for Maria Vargo and then Elizabeth as if they were rock-stars. 

Months later, Elizabeth said, “I’m still pinching myself. I can’t believe it happened. It was all the Holy Spirit.” She hopes that sharing her story will inspire others to listen to the Lord’s quiet voice within. 

Do you hear the Lord’s quiet voice calling you to bring one of our live dramas to your community? Go for it! If Elizabeth can step out in faith, so can you.


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