Leonardo's Last Passion Tour

I am writing you, right before Lent in this Year of Mercy, as I am about to head out for my last tour of The Passion According to Saint Luke. I opened this show in Lent of 1981, with a tour of Oregon. Little did I know that 35 years later, I would still have the honor of bringing the Gospel to life in front of thousands of people. I've performed this drama 425 times for more than 125,000 people.

The greatest blessing of this experience has been the way that the Word of God has entered into the marrow of my bones, so deep that the words of the Gospel are as familiar to me as my own skin. To have spoken these words, to have lifted my arms onto the Cross, to have experienced the Ressurection so intensely 425 times has changed me, bringing me from death to life.

It is sad to leave this role behind, but the time has come. My prayer is that another young actor will come forward and take it on. If he does, it will change him too.

Thank you for traveling with me all these years on this amazing adventure.

God bless you,
Leonardo Defilippis


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