Meet the Goodnights

"I am overjoyed that Andrae is to play such a holy and important figure in our American Catholic story. I know he will truly embrace the role and bring Father Tolton to life," says Cheryl Goodnight. “I ask for your prayers that Father Tolton will bring our family many graces, as Andrae tours the country away from all of us at home.  May we learn to trust God more, as He leads us on this new journey.” 

The kids are unanimously excited.

Eden declares, "Yeah!"

Ephrem gives a resounding, "Yes-s-s!"

According to Isaiah, "That's cool!"

While Elijah says with a smile, "I want to see him at the theatre."

According to Zion, "I think it is a good idea for a play, and I think my dad will be a perfect fit for the role of a priest."

And finally Imani adds, 'I’m so proud that my dad will play the first African American priest."



I will pray for the Mr.

I will pray for the Mr. Goodnight, his family, and the success of this production. I did not know anything before about Father Tolton. Because of you advertisement, I do now thanks to St. Luke's Production and Mr. Goodnight. I will ask our parish to consider bringing this production to our church. This is a story our country needs to hear right now more than ever.

God bless you Andrea, and

God bless you Andrae, and your lovely family as you embark on this wonderful journey. I pray HE bless you abundantly and "Tolton" ill be a great success.

When will Andrae Goodnight

When will Andrae Goodnight give his next performance and where? Thank you. Mary from Quincy, IL.

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