Benedictus Moments are profound Catholic daily meditations, using writings by Pope Emeritus Benedict XVI from Day by Day with Pope Benedict XVI published by Ignatius Press. Read by Leonardo Defilippis, these reflections play on radio stations across the country. You can also listen to them directly on our website. Alternatively, you can access Benedictus Moments with the free Laudate app for Android and iOS. You will find them on the daily readings section of the app, titled Pope Emeritus Benedict XVI.


This is deeply touching,

This is deeply touching, summarizes the relationship between God and man...the plight of man and the depths of the love of God that is revealed in Christ at the cross and the amazing grace and goodness of God for the Salvation of man. Wish the player had a replay option would listen to this over and over. Thank you for making this available. God Bless You. Amen

I listen daily and am very

I listen daily and am very grateful for these mediations that are so worthily recited. Thank you!

I love these meditations in

I love these meditations in the morning they lift me up, is there anyway to be written so I copy and paste on my Facebook page? Please let me know yours truly a servant of God.

Thanks for listening and your

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Thanks for listening and your comment! Currently, we can't share them in written form. You can use the blue plus icon to share pages from our site on other social media networks like Facebook. 

Although I love Pope Francis,

Although I love Pope Francis, I love and miss Pope emeritus Benedict. His writing,as read by Leonardo, are given new light . It has enlightened me emensly. Thank you for formatting it this way so millions of listeners can have access to these valuable lessons in Catholic theology .

These meditations are a

These meditations are a magnificent gift .
Hear Joseph Ratzinger proclaim a deep religious fortitude with a sparkling intelligence.
I listened carefully to Ratzinger as Pope Benedict XVI for many years and am grateful that this resource allows me to make him part of my daily prayers.
When Defillipis speaks, he embodies these meditations so that listening every day is to have Benedict XVI standing with me leading the prayer.
I highly recommend the book, which you can purchase here: Each page comes with a photograph of religious art surely selected by an expert who wants us to experience the breadth of biblical painting and mosaics throughout history. The book is well indexed and begins with a valuable introduction to Ratzinger and Benedict XVI. Thanks to all at Saint Luke productions and Ignatius press for making this available

Part of my daily meditation:

Part of my daily meditation: Laudate daily readings, pray as you go and Benedictus Moments. I am thankful for this new age electronic medium that has exposed me to this wonderful mediation. As Catholics we are constantly and diligently attempting to creat better versions of ourselves. This mediation helps us through our journey. Thank you!

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