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Your movies are changing the life of people. I watched the movie of Thérèse, and it really impacted our Seminary community. It was a beautiful production.

"WOW! What an amazing production. I am extremely moved and had no idea how inspiring the life of Saint Augustine was. Thank you, Saint Luke Productions for changing the world, one saint at a time!" ~ Annie Jo, Yorba Linda, CA

"Bringing Faustina to our stage was a top-notch experience from start to finish. Saint Luke Productions provided exceptional support from day one, virtually assuring a successful event. And on the performance day, everything was so well-choreographed!...Our guests were thrilled to see this beautifully written and marvelously acted production - some for the second time!" ~ R.P., Pittsburg, CA

"My heart was lifted up. This is truly great theatrical work but, more importantly, a great message told by someone who obviously has a close relation with the Living God. And to see this message told with such theatrical skill and talent set at a very high bar was both refreshing and a real treat." ~ D.B., NY

"I watched Vianney Speaks on EWTN last year…I feel the Lord was waking me up for the very first time." ~ Julie & Family, United Kingdom