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Watch Part III of our Editing Faustina Series. You'll learn why we have all those X's on the green screen.
2 months 1 week ago
This second segment in the series delves into the intricacies of matching background and foreground shots, painting out unwanted objects, and adding additional environmental lighting.
2 months 2 weeks ago
Veteran editor Mien Yockmann delves into the work that goes into lighting and color correction for a green screen shot.
2 months 2 weeks ago
Dear Friends,Here it is – the new trailer for our latest live drama, Tolton: From Slave to Priest. Enjoy a little taste of this wonderful show – Then let me know what you think!God bless you,... read more
3 months 3 weeks ago
Dear Friend, Let me introduce you to Jim Coleman, the new actor portraying Father Augustus Tolton, America's first Black priest. Andrae Goodnight completed the 2017 season, and now we are blessed... read more
5 months 4 weeks ago
That's what Mama Tolton tells her son Augustus in our new drama, Tolton: From Slave to Priest. God does amazing things when we trust in Him. Often, while working to produce Tolton, I felt like the... read more
7 months 2 weeks ago
"I found Tolton to be a wonderful statement of faith and perseverance. The script is excellent, laced with the right passages from the Scriptures to keep it grounded in Tolton's faith. Mama Tolton is... read more
7 months 2 weeks ago
Well, it finally happened. Our youngest went away to college last fall, and the nest is, theoretically, empty. I say theoretically, because as soon as our daughter left, our home filled up with... read more
7 months 2 weeks ago
After four years on tour and 313 performances as Saint Faustina, actress Maria Vargo has retired from the role. Here are her reflections on portraying this saint: Faustina was more than a show for... read more
7 months 2 weeks ago