Saint Luke Productions is a Catholic theater ministry dedicated to evangelizing and renewing the culture through professional live and media productions.

We carry out our mission by producing and touring plays on the Gospels and the lives of the saints. We have also produced and distributed a number of feature films and DVDs. Our productions are based on historical, scriptural, and modern day stories. Through theater and the media, we hope to inspire audiences to a deeper desire for the Truth of Jesus Christ. We also are committed to educating and encouraging artists and young people who share our vision. Therefore, we offer internships, workshops and employment in our office and production company. These opportunities include acting, theatrical lighting and sound, touring, cinematography, and film and sound editing. In accord with the teachings of John Paul II and the Second Vatican Council, we believe that a renewal of the culture depends upon a renewal of family life. Our organization has been established within the context of family. In our productions and in our work environment, we work to encourage a greater respect for the family.

By bringing the lives of the saints to modern audiences, Saint Luke Productions fosters vocations and actively participates in the "New Evangelization" of our culture. We see the fruitĀ as we travel throughout the country, touring with our live dramas. We have also experienced an overwhelmingly positive response to our films. Although we are Catholic in our vision, these stories have touched and changed the lives of people of all faiths. This has been a humbling experience. We know that it is God, and not Saint Luke Productions, who touches souls. Please pray for our mission, that we can continue to produce new dramas that spread the Faith.