Make the Faustina DVD Happen

In our broken world, it seems like goodness and truth cannot prevail. But we are called to a hope that is greater than anything the world can offer.

That's why I'm driven to bring a miracle of God's Mercy to our country and world, with the DVD of Faustina: Messenger of Divine Mercy.

I'm depending on you, because miracles happen through you.

When we produced the Thérèse movie, people like you sent whatever they could. Thérèse was a miraculous hit, and the DVD is still touching souls.

You and I can make the Faustina DVD happen, too!

Can you manage $25 right now? Many of you have already given. But if you haven't yet, or if you can send a little more, we'll be able to film the DVD next summer.

Thank you for sharing in this hope with me. Together you and I will bring God's Mercy to our world.

God bless you,
Leonardo Defilippis

P.S. I’ll be so grateful for whatever you can send. Most of all, for your prayers.