The Production

Thérèse: The Story of a Soul, performed by Audrey Ahern, is a face-to-face encounter with Saint Thérèse of Lisieux, the most beloved saint of modern times. In this one-woman Catholic theater performance, Thérèse speaks directly to the audience with humor, grace, and humility. This is not the saccharine story of the “Little Flower.” Rather, it is an honest, loving portrait of real girl who struggled with anxieties but overcame these obstacles by trusting in God. Thérèse’s honest, direct spirituality speaks powerfully to our busy culture. Audiences walk away with the encouraging message that anyone can become a saint. The lyrical musical score was composed by Sister Clare Sokol, herself a Carmelite nun. Because of her deep understanding of the spirituality of Saint Thérèse, she was able to capture the simplicity and romance of a young girl in love with God. Sister Clare and scriptwriter Patti Defilippis worked closely together to achieve an authenticity that would do justice to Saint Thérèse. The script and score required a feminine touch. Patti and Sister Clare reached into their own personal vulnerability. Through their collaboration, they captured the insecurities of teenage girls, the fervor of young love, and the fearlessness of sanctity. Patti Defilippis not only wrote the script. She also directed the play. She says, “I find Saint Thérèse to be my best model for how to live my life to grow closer to Jesus. Most days I am overwhelmed – by the tasks before me as a mother, the work I do for Saint Luke Productions, and my own inadequacy and disorganization. She constantly reminds me that I can do nothing. It is only by trusting in God and making little efforts to smile and not lose my temper that I can find true happiness with Him.” Thérèse: The Story of a Soul is a delightful drama, particularly suited to young adult and teen audiences.