What did you think of the show?

"I know I may just be a teenager, but Faustina taught me that God is more than just a person. God has always been there, and I knew it, but He wasn't one of the most important things in my life. Faustina made me realize God cares about me, and I should pay more attention to Him. It makes me want to put more of my interest in Him and the Church and praying more often than what I usually do. Thank you for encouraging me through this play."
~ Anonymous
"I was told by hosting this performance I helped touched many, many people. It wasn't me it was God."
~ D. B.
"We received lots of positive feedback from all those whom we spoke with. Our deepest thanks to everyone at St. Luke Productions for your hard work in providing this very important ministry."
~ Anonymous
"This is the best thing I've seen in my whole life. And I've lived a long life."
~ Anonymous
"It was a true pleasure working with everyone from St. Luke Productions. God bless you for all that you bring into the world through your efforts and artistry!"
~ R. P.
"I used a whole pack of Kleenex! It moved my heart and soul. God bless you!"
~ Jolanta G.
"Saint Luke Productions continues to present powerful dramas which engage the audience with artistic excellence and spiritual depth. A genuine feast for our community!"
~ B. S.