What did you think of the show?

"I loved this production. I also like Maximillian and Thérèse, and I can't wait to see Augustine and Faustina.
~ John
Ever since our first production experience of - I think it was Francis - our family has continued to be inspired by your gifted performances which almost supernaturally bring the saints and the gospels to life for us. Thank you, thank you, thank you
~ P. and T.
"The tale of St. Francis, the 13th-century son of an Italian cloth merchant who became one of the world's most popular saints…and one of the more engaging current presentations, is in the person of Oregon Shakespearean actor, Leonardo Defilippis."
~ The Washington Times
"Defilippis' Saint Francis is the Francis of history, not the tamed garden ornament of sentimental tradition...Were he to appear on today's streets would be thought at best just another shiftless and queer parasite on the body of politic or at worst, a lunatic."
~ C.Z.
"This play on Saint Francis is preaching by acting."
~ The Franciscan Herald
"When I first saw Francis, I was spellbound: The spare set, fluid movements, camera angles, moving dialogues, and overall focused intention were all so truthful."
~ L.C.
"Every time I look at the video, it makes me have goose bumps and I start to cry! Very powerful live drama."
~ Cindy