The Production

Saint John of the Cross was arguably the greatest poet that Spain has ever known. In this unique example of Catholic drama, Leonardo Defilippis presents a warmly moving portrait of a man totally in love with God. Not only is this production a profound contemplative experience; it is also a gripping story of intrigue and adventure. Saint John of the Cross was captured and held prisoner in a tiny closet by his own Carmelite brothers for nine long months. His harrowing escape forms the highlight of this play, and the suspenseful story will keep viewers on the edges of their seats. The saint’s mystical poem, The Spiritual Canticle, runs as a connecting thread through the piece. Spoken with Leonardo’s deep insight, John’s exquisite poetry touches a chord in every heart that cries out for a deeper relationship with our Beloved Lord. As a backdrop for the production, the musical score is a complete orchestral performance, composed by Randall DeBry. The set and lighting for John of the Cross are simple yet professional, and they are easily adaptable to all performance spaces.