What did you think of the show?

"Most inspirational. I can only hope to have that kind of love for my fellows, and courage in the face of certain death."
~ Rex
"We all need to see this remarkable presentation. It chills me to know how past history is repeating itself! Thank you!"
~ L. D.
"The Maximilian dramatization from start to finish, still vibrates in my ears. A magnificent victory of holiness and hope, presented to our Lady and Jesus."
~ B. and R.
"The production Maximilian drew me closer to St. Maximillian Kolbe. The play helped me to understand, connect, and be drawn closer to God through the Saint. Thank you for all you do!"
~ M. and J.
"I loved watching Maximilian. It really affected me: the life of a real saint. Because I loved it so much, I have inquired about the Militia Immaculata, the organization he founded."
~ Roy
"The drama on St. Maximilian helped me to fall in love with him and I think his intention is why I am a third order Franciscan now!"
~ L. O.
"I was tremendously moved. Thank you for the education, the experience, and the epiphany I felt."
~ Rosemary C.