What did you think of the show?

"Audrey Ahern is a FABULOUS actress who becomes St. Thérèse! I was so moved by her performance during Lent."
~ D. and T.
"It was inspiring. It reminded me on how we are all called to be saints."
~ Maria A.
"It was wonderful. I enjoyed learning that St. Thérèse was so very human and had thoughts and feelings just like everyone else, she had to fight temptations all her life, and she ran to Jesus and was against Satan every time!"
~ Dolores W.
"It was fantastic. Great for the whole family. My kids loved it."
~ Elsa Y.
"I have never been to a play before and I forgot she was acting."
~ Rick B.
"The performance brought to life the beautiful story of Saint Thérèse and moved me. I want to follow the Little Way even closer now. Thank you!"
~ Ana A.
"Great! This was not a boring soliloquy! This was s touching production! I am so glad that this is definitely not an ersatz production and I love you all the way...it was an extraordinary experience."
~ Gabriel M.