Crocheting for Souls

During the scene where Faustina begs Jesus for the conversion of a soul for every stitch she makes, actress Jennifer Pagano crochets a little piece of needlework.  After the show, she asks the Holy Spirit to show her someone to whom she should give it. Here’s what happened one night in San Clemente, CA:   

Elena was not planning to come to see Faustina, but her boss had an extra ticket, so she agreed to go.  She knew nothing about Saint Faustina or Divine Mercy, yet when the play began, she started to cry.   

“God was speaking to me personally with every word,” she explains. “I felt just like the modern woman in the play, calling out, ‘I have nothing going for me.  I’m lost.  God help me! Give me a sign.’” 

When Faustina was over, in awe Elena approached the actress, still in her habit. When Jennifer heard her name, she exclaimed, “Why, that was Saint Faustina’s first name! I give this to you, Elena.”  And she handed her the crocheted square.   

Elena looked at her in amazement.  “Thank you for this gift,” she said through tears. “This play told my story.”  

She went on to explain, “I came from Russia, with no idea what I was getting myself into. I had a very hard time, much sadness, but the worst was when my mother died, so far away in Russia.  I sank into a deep depression and lost all hope. Now I feel Jesus close to me again.”  

Afterwards, while Jennifer was loading the truck to head for the next performance location, she saw Elena sitting in her car, holding the crocheted square, weeping in prayer.   

“I felt the Holy Spirit using this production to draw this soul closer to Him,” Jennifer explains. “The love goes as deep as the pain goes. He will never allow pain without something new to be reborn. This all leads us in deeper union with His perfect love.”  

Over and over again we are reminded that God is touching souls through these dramas.  You’re making these moments of grace possible. May God reward you for your prayers and for your generous donations to Saint Luke Productions.