Every Fault a Glorious Gift

By Patti Defilippis

“You are like the stone that must be chiseled and fashioned before being set in the building.…those who are in the monastery are craftsmen placed there by God to mortify you by working and chiseling at you.”

- Saint John of the Cross

Marriage, it seems to me, is like a monastery. After nearly 40 years married, Leonardo and I know every one of each other’s faults. And most of the time, I act as if it’s my responsibility to perfect him!

It has struck me, however, that every fault I endure is actually a glorious gift. If he were perfect, I would not grow in patience, in compassion, or in the ability to keep my mouth shut – especially in front of others.

Lord, thank you for my husband, not just for our shared goals and dreams, but for all the ways that we chisel away at each other. Carve me into the person you want me to be.