Everything has Changed

When my son and daughter-in-law announced that they were expecting, I cried tears of joy. It was as if, after 18 years away from babies, I had begun to think of life as being about ending things: no more big dinners every night around a full table, no more soccer games, no more family prayers. So much of having adult children is fun, rewarding, and exciting, with all their adventures and achievements. But there is also a bittersweet nostalgia in this chapter of life.   

With this new person coming into the picture, it’s all changed. The future is full of life and possibilities!  And now that I’ve met Nora, now that I’ve seen her light up with smiles at seeing me, I am reminded that this is our greatest work – the passing on of our faith and world to a new generation. God made this beautiful girl, and I am fortunate to share in her discovery of creation.