Faustina Movie Update

By Leonardo Defilippis

With the Holy Spirit’s help, we are striving to capture, in cinematic form, the sorrowful mystery of the Scourging of Jesus.  

Picture Faustina alone in her convent cell. All of a sudden, she is transported in a vision to the time and place of the scourging.  Seeing her weep like the holy women of Jerusalem, Jesus looks up in great anguish.  

“I suffer even greater pain than that which you see, my daughter,” He tells her.   

She suddenly realizes it’s for our sins of impurity that Jesus was tortured. “Oh, how dreadful was Jesus’ moral suffering during the scourging!” she tells us.

“Look and see the human race in its present condition,” Jesus directs Faustina. 

In a stunning turn, the soldiers who are whipping Christ transform into people from our own age. Priests and religious and high dignitaries of the Church, and laypeople of all walks of life take turns scourging Our Lord mercilessly.

Wow! What a revelation for our times, especially as we see all the scandals in the Church, and the abuse of human dignity in our society.  I pray that the Faustina movie will draw many in our broken, thirsting world to the fountain of Mercy, who is Christ Himself.

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