Faustina Movie Website and Trailer Launched

Exciting news! We've got something to show you!

We’ve worked many hours to create a trailer for the upcoming release of the Faustina movie, now titled HEART OF MERCY, and a first-class website to introduce the public to this powerful film.

Now we need your help. Would you be willing to go to www.heartofmercymovie.com and let us know what you think of the trailer and the website – and most importantly why you want to see HEART OF MERCY?

I know you’re going to love HEART OF MERCY. It’s not just the story of Saint Faustina, but also a modern- day drama which will leave you saying:

“This is my story. I’m not alone. God’s Mercy is waiting for me.”

You’re the reason HEART OF MERCY exists. Your generous support of this project is going to touch millions of people. Thank you, dear friends! Tell your friends and family about the website and trailer. And please send whatever you can to support this beautiful film.

Check out the trailer and leave a comment on our brand new website: