Faustina's Song Comes to Life

In the year and a half that I’ve been working on the editing of Faustina: Messenger of Divine Mercy, I’ve come to such a profound understanding of not only Saint Faustina’s sacrifice, but how it has transformed my inner life.

As I strive to transform green screen footage into a world where Faustina’s song of praise to Jesus’ mercy can take wings, I have been spending more time in God’s creation to listen to His quiet voice in the songs of birds and the splash of river water. I find no place where His Spirit dwells more freely than in the woods, fields, waterfalls, and streams that are within a few minutes’ drive from my home.

In this woodland, I start down a trail that follows a river. Hacking through some briars, I find a nice secluded place where I can settle onto a log. The river is swelling over its banks, so some of the spray hits my arms and neck, I close my eyes and think of her song, letting the melody saturate my thinking.

The inspiration comes together when I return to the office the next day. The freshness of the hike still lingering in my memory, I place Faustina in a woodland environment. 

Next, I find some leaves that create great background and foreground elements rendering the scene more three-dimensional, as opposed to just a backdrop of fake-looking forest.

With a little dash of blur here and some lighting there, the resulting shot makes my heart sing!

Through moments like these, as I listen to God’s song in nature and to Saint Faustina, my faith has grown so much deeper.

So, thank you!  Your generosity is creating a film of great truth and beauty.  I ask you to continue to support us. Pray for us and for the completion of Faustina: Messenger of Divine Mercy.