Gazing for a Moment

Family Reflections
By Patti Defilippis

Outside of our windows here at Saint Luke Productions, we’ve created a little bird sanctuary. We have three hummingbird feeders on three different windows, another window feeder filled with sunflower seeds, and four more feeders of different styles out in the yard.

If you are a birdwatcher, you can understand the pleasure we get out of seeing these beautiful creatures up close. The hummingbirds are iridescent, the evening grosbeaks are bright yellow and brown, the goldfinches change colors with the seasons, and we think there’s a juvenile bald eagle perching periodically on a tall fir tree.

I am so grateful for these little distractions. The work we’re doing - and I’m pretty much in the office full-time, now that the kids are gone – is intense, as we work on finishing the editing of Heart of Mercy, based on our Faustina play, not to mention the day-to-day operations. I recommend looking out the window periodically for a moment of contemplation of the delight of God’s creation.

Thank you, Lord, for these moments, and for this beautiful world.