Let The Gospel Change Your Life

Father Michael Gaitley and Leonardo have a gift for you!

At Leonardo’s live performance of The Gospel According to John twenty years ago, a seminarian in the audience purchased a copy of the show on CD. Through the years, he listened to that Gospel CD over and over, perhaps 250 times.

Last spring that same seminarian, now Fr. Michael Gaitley, shared with Leonardo his excitement for a book he was beginning to write on the Gospel of John entitled 33 Days to Greater Glory.

“I honestly believe that nothing has theologically formed me more in all my 15 years of studies toward the priesthood than the Gospel of John. Your performance played a big part in that.”

Then he asked, “Would Saint Luke Productions be willing to include a free audio download of Leonardo’s Gospel of John performance for readers of the book?” Leonardo thought that was a wonderful idea.

“It’s been a perfect collaboration,” says Leonardo. “Father Gaitley is leading people to a deeper relationship with God the Father, and that’s what we want to do, too.”

33 Days to Greater Glory has moved many readers, and is now in a second printing. In just three months, Saint Luke Productions has processed more than 6500 Gospel of John download requests.

In the midst of your isolation, read this simple yet profound book. Listen to Jesus speaking to you in this beautiful recording. Let the Gospel change your life.

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