Meeting You Has Changed Me

By Actress Jennifer Pagano

Over the past year I have traveled from east coast to west portraying Faustina, Messenger of Divine Mercy. Performing the show has been a powerful experience for me as an actress.  By God’s  grace, I have learned to appreciate the greatness of God’s gift of mercy.   

The response from audience members after the shows always surprises and humbles me. Some have told me that the show was a turning point in repairing a broken relationship. Many have shared stories and asked for my prayers. A brawny looking man said, “I never cry, but my tears flowed easily.”  I imagined Jesus opening the door into that place of his unspoken pain.   

Every night I ask God to help me to be not just an actress performing a role, but a messenger of His mercy to the faithful who come to see this drama.  I myself have been touched by God’s loving forgiveness, and now He’s using me to share that gift with others.  How awesome is that?