Playing Faustina Changed Me

After four years on tour and 313 performances as Saint Faustina, actress Maria Vargo has retired from the role. Here are her reflections on portraying this saint:

Faustina was more than a show for me; it was a living, breathing prayer! With each performance, I got to fall more deeply in love with Our Lord and offer him my desires and struggles, my joy and anger.

In my life and in this performance, I've learned that Divine Mercy is life-changing, life-giving, and soul-saving. I've seen it, I've heard about it, and I've lived it.

You see, almost 10 years ago I had a deep conversion in my life. I've always been strong-willed and I had been living life according to what I thought was best for me. After heartache, physical and emotional issues, and a series of beautiful encounters with the Blessed Mother and the mercy of God, in 2008 I renewed my abstinence in the baths at Lourdes. For the first time I felt truly free! I felt the beautiful mercy of God, that He loved me in spite of all my mistakes and forgave me.

That's what made playing Saint Faustina even more powerful. Because I knew the depths of God's mercy for me and had turned my life over to Him, He used my past sins in an amazing and beautiful way – I was a witness to the world of His unending love and mercy.

Now, as we get ready to release Faustina: Messenger of Divine Mercy on DVD, my prayer is that the love I feel for Saint Faustina and for Our Lord and His Mercy comes shining through the screen. I pray that all those watching will discover the power of Divine Mercy and the Chaplet, and that there are many, many more conversions.



I was introduced to the

I was introduced to the Divine Mercy in 2001, and I was completely captivated. I became totally devoted to St Faustina, and pray and spread the chaplet daily. I am so greatful that I found Divine Mercy to help me on my journey yo heaven with God and Jesus. Divine Mercy is a very powerful prayer, and the promises Jesus grants to those who pray it are increadable. St Faustinas book, her life story, is a must read for every catholic.b

Dear Ms Vargo,

Dear Ms Vargo,
I watched st Faustina at Sacred Heart in Richmond TX. The play was very beautiful and inspiring. You are a fabulous woman! We are all sinners, so it was an honor to meet someone else like me, someone else who is grateful to experience God’s love and share it with others.
God is good! May God bless you, St. Faustina is a beautiful story. Wishing you the very best! Thank you!

I saw this performance at

I saw this performance at Epiphany Catholic Church in Lake City, Florida. Was very beautiful and moving!

During September 2016 we were

During September 2016 we were so blessed to have Faustina: Messenger of Divine Mercy play at our church for 2 evenings as part of their 2016 Southern Ontario Tour. Every one of the over 1000 person audience was overtaken by Maria Vargo's breathtaking performance. She brought St. Faustina right to the foot of our altar and her Spirit led performance was outstanding. If I had to say something about the high points in my life I would have to include this play as in the top 10. We can hardly wait for the DVD to be available so we can re-live our experience.

We're so happy that you got

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We're so happy that you got to see Faustina, and that it was such a highpoint.  We're working very hard on the film version of Faustina. It's going to be so beautiful, and imagine how many souls it will touch all over the world!  Please pray for this project - We can't wait to share it with you.  

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