Sarah desperately needs your prayers.

My heart broke when I heard Sarah's story:

“Mom, I can’t pray,” Sarah said, with an expressionless face.

“God has abandoned me.”

Sarah’s exhausted mother wrote to me after two months in the pediatric psychiatric ward with her emaciated, anorexic 16-year-old daughter. She was at the end of her rope and shared this prayer:

“Dear Lord, give me some way to reach this child. Let her see a glimmer of your lightjust enough to give her the strength to keep going.”

Please send $25 right away to help me bring that glimmer of light into Sarah’s darkness. I am striving to complete Heart of Mercy – a movie that will do just that.

Just six months ago everything had seemed normal, Sarah’s mom explained to me. Sure, the pressures of Covid isolation were great. Yes, Sarah was a perfectionist in a highly competitive high school.

And she did eat very little. But wasn’t that typical for an adolescent girl?

When Sarah collapsed and was rushed to the hospital in an ambulance, things started to come clear.

All that time staring at her phone had hooked her on a world of treacherous apps and videos, encouraging weight loss, calorie counting and obsessive exercising.

Maybe the internet has led someone you love away from God into the truly life-threatening waters of loneliness and despair.

That’s so heartbreaking, isn’t it? Media giants are devouring our children … yet through you God is touching one soul at a time with films that tell a completely different story.

I want Sarah – and the struggling kids you worry about in your family – to hear the message of Divine Mercy: Whether you feel His presence or not, Jesus is with you.

That’s what the Heart of Mercy movie will show her. Can you send $25 today to bring this film to young people everywhere?

As Sarah fights to recover, every bite she takes requires unfathomable bravery. Of course, God is with her, loving her and giving her courage to keep moving forward.

In His tender mercy, He’s using her to do good:

At the hospital, another young girl was screaming hysterically and refusing to eat. Sarah, so wounded herself, came up to the girl and put her arms around her.

“Just breathe,” she whispered to her. The other girl slowly calmed down and was able to cooperate with the nurses.

A little glimmer of God’s light shining through the darkness.

Thanks so much for sending $25 (or more, or less, whatever you can manage) to help me finish this movie. Your gift will let Sarah know that no matter how bad things get, God has not abandoned her.

I am working so hard to edit our Saint Faustina movie, Heart of Mercy. It’s taking much longer than I thought, but I promise you, this film will bring hope to despairing souls.

Just think. If one young girl like Sarah gets the message that God loves her and is with her in her struggles, all your sacrifices and mine will be worth it.

Her soul is priceless.