You want to know faithful young people?

Here’s one for you - meet Nicholas Pape!

When I joined Saint Luke Productions in February 2020, the pandemic was turning the world upside down. There were lockdowns and riots happening all over the country.

In the past, I worked with many people who embraced our culture's biggest lies about faith, family, and morality. Here, I’m part of a community whose shared beliefs and daily morning prayer keep me grounded and connected in the midst of isolation and chaos.

As stage manager and film editor for Tolton, I’ve sharpened my knowledge of stage and film. On tour, Tolton actor Jim Coleman has taught me how to maintain Christian integrity in the very secular entertainment industry.

I love being in the business of storytelling for a Catholic company. When I see tears in people's eyes or hear them cheer at the end of the show, I know we’ve made an impact.

I never forget that it’s your generosity that has given me this opportunity. Thanks for supporting me in this rewarding work.