Reviews | The Confessions of Saint Augustine

"The Confessions of Saint Augustine is a story for today, performed with honesty by a talented actor who understands what conversion to Christ really means. "
~ Bishop Ricken
Green Bay, WI
"What a beautiful and brilliant performance! During the play, I found myself praying for Augustine's conversion, as you presented such a real character, and then from that, for conversion of all of the souls of the people in the audience, and for all of the people who would hear about the show from them. We, the audience, are the messengers of this great play. "
~ Dr. Fulgenzi
"You once asked in an email: "Which drama we created really impacted your life?" That is easy to answer: The Confessions of Saint Augustine!!! So spiritually uplifting, inspiring, and so well done!!! Please record this and make it available on DVD!!! "
~ Faithful Fans
"It is absolutely amazing that Leonardo can not only memorize this magestic and uplifting work, but that it moves our hearts and souls as well. "
~ Suzanne Fisher
Royal Oak, MI
"Awesome! All Catholics need to know this great saint, Augustine. Leonardo's performance of Augustine is profound, faithful, and inspiring! It should be on DVD! "
~ Pat