Reviews | Faustina: Messenger of Divine Mercy

"I know I may just be a teenager, but Faustina taught me that God is more than just a person. God has always been there, and I knew it, but He wasn't one of the most important things in my life. This play has made me realize God cares about me, and I should pay more attention to Him. It makes me want to put more of my interest in Him and the Church and praying more often than what I usually do. Thank you for encouraging me through this play."
~ Anonymous
"I came to this performance thinking it would be good but did not expect the scope of how this production moved me down to the core. I highly encourage everyone to support and watch this show. This is a story that relates to all of our lives, whether young or old, and the message of Divine Mercy should be talked about and shared more in our society."
~ CN
Livermore, CA
"My life will never be the same again."
~ Fr. Mark Poulin
"The performance has moved me in special way especially closer to God and at a troubling time in my life. It was uplifting and I feel blessed to have witnessed it. Thank you."
~ Brianna O.
Pittsburg, CA
"Faustina is not mere entertainment, but a prayerful invitation to God's love and mercy for each one of us, which is so desperately needed in this so terribly confused and broken world, and I deeply encourage all to see it."
~ Br. Timothy Childers, MIC
Stockbridge, MA
"I just came back to the church in a time when I felt broken, and I realized by coming to see Faustina that this wonderful play was for ME."
~ Cynthia C.
Pittsburg, CA