Reviews | Tolton: From Slave to Priest

"This needs to be seen by everyone not only if your Catholic but all people. Such a moving and wonderful told story."
~ Erica L.
Grand Prairie, TX
"Excellent eye opening play! Of all my years in Catholic School I've never heard this story. I loved the portrayal! It was so real."
~ Ilona R.
Dallas, TX
"The production was excellent. The actor and projections was very well done. I thoroughly enjoyed it. At the end I really thought I knew Fr. Tolton personally. Great job!!"
~ Veranese M.
Montgomery, AL
"Excellent- beautiful message of love forgiveness and respect for all people."
~ Priscilla M.
Farmers Branch, TX
"I wasn't sure what to expect. Our Priest offered the ticket for anyone who wanted to come see this. As a librarian and a lover of history I was thrilled to come. Something that incorporates my faith and love out storytelling! What a wonderful performance! Thank you!"
~ Rita F.
Bristol, IN
"This was fabulous, please continue to share his beautiful life story."
~ Rita L.
Dallas, TX
"Absolutely captivating performance!"
~ Julie S.
Saint Joseph, MI
"Excellent performance. Helps revive my faith in the Church."
~ Hyacinth F.
Tuskegee Institute, AL
"A great play, both of my sons enjoyed it."
~ Kim W.
Wylie, TX
"This is an AMAZING story that I did not know! Thanks for telling it so well and sharing it with me!"
~ Wes H.
Dallas, TX