Reviews | Vianney

"I feel strengthened by the fact that the devil can be defeated even by the smallest priest. I feel overwhelmed knowing how much we truly are loved by our priests."
~ Marissa G.
Santa Ana, CA
"Most riveting play I have ever seen...had me on the edge of my seat the entire time!"
~ Kari
"Whenever I struggle and want to run away and I hear the devil laughing at me, I see Saint John Vianney in your production and I find all the strength I need."
~ Leslie L.
"Profound, Riveting, Soul-touching in depth of me. Came back for second performance with two family members. Don't miss it. You'll be transformed with God's own peace."
~ Carol G.
Bristol, CT
"Vianney made me laugh and cry. It touched my heart and soul. Thank you very much. Please, please come again!!"
~ Catherine L.
St. Clair Shores, MI
"Vianney was amazing. It hit me so hard. I have been praying for priests daily ever since I saw it!"
~ Martha