People Love What You Do

All these people are thanking YOU for helping to make these dramas happen with your prayers and support.

Our Latest Top 10 Reviews

1) "My own heart burned as I watched Saint Maximilian's story unfold—I was drawn into prayer through the performance, praying that I too could have deep trust in God and Mary like Maximilian."
~ Laryn, San Francisco, CA
2) "Faustina was fantastic and helped me enormously, both to forgive my parents and to show mercy to someone else who has hurt me."
~ Joan, Victoria, BC
3) "I was moved to tears by the Thérèse performance. It brought to life, in a very personal and intimate way, what I could only read about through biographies or other books."
~ Tulare, CA
4) "Too often the saints, and even Jesus, seem distant and 'flat.' After watching Faustina, she seemed so much more relatable and approachable – like someone who could be my friend."
~ E.C., Facebook
5) "My profound thanks for your deeply moving and inspiring performance of The Passion According to Saint Luke. The memory of last evening will be with me always, burning as a bright, guiding light in my faith."
~ B.B., Dallas, TX
6) "The Thérèse production helped me in my journey to God. Tremendous suffering is okay. It reminds me to trust."
~ I.R., Providence, RI
7) "Faustina touched me, my husband and brother deeply...there is no sin that cannot be forgiven. Christ's mercy is greater than any sin. We want you to keep spreading this news to others with your story."
~ E.D., La Crosse, WI
8) "Vianney isn't mere entertainment, but an awakening to the reality of God's graces poured into people who have a great love for Him...Thank you for using your talents to spread the treasure of His love.
~ D.C., Arlington, WA
9) "I suffer from PTSD from doing 5 tours in the Middle East. We all have our traumas, and Faustina gave me a lot of peace. Thanks so much.
~ Anonymous, Pembroke, ON
10) "All your performances are so inspiring. Thank you so much for all you and your family and co-workers continue to do. Helping us to move forward from depression to hope!
~ L.M., Woodbridge, IL