The Production

Defilippis has edited and shaped the spiritual classic, THE CONFESSIONS OF SAINT AUGUSTINE into a riveting dramatic experience. “As I explored this text, I was astounded to discover a completely modern story about a man who was absorbed in a decadent existence of sexual indulgence and intellectual arrogance,” explains Defilippis. “The play is about his early life with his mistress, and his dramatic conversion to Christianity. Because of the emotional ground covered by the story, I knew it would make a terrific Catholic theater piece. I found that Augustine revealed something very personal that our modern world could relate to – Augustine’s story is a striking and relevant story for many people today. The Confessions of Saint Augustine needs not only to be read, but to be experienced in a face-to-face encounter.” THE CONFESSIONS OF SAINT AUGUSTINE was directed by Leonardo’s wife, actress and screenplay writer Patricia Defilippis, who is excited about the project. “People think of saints as perfect - not human, like the rest of us,” she says. “But Augustine expresses what we all feel: a passionate desire for something that can’t be satisfied by materialism or sex. The story of Augustine is poignant and cathartic. It thoroughly examines an admitted emptiness that eventually recognizes one’s longing for the presence of God within one’s soul. His famous line is ‘My heart is restless until it rests in you.’ ”