The Production

THE PASSION ACCORDING TO LUKE brings the inspiring Easter story to life. In this beautiful and deeply moving Christian drama, actor Leonardo Defilippis presents the Death and Resurrection of Jesus Christ. Every word of this play is taken directly from the Gospel of Luke. Defilippis’s honest performance draws his audience into a deep understanding of the immensity of God’s love for His children. His Shakespearean training and strong commitment to the Gospel give him a profound appreciation for the passion and mystery of Saint Luke’s account. THE PASSION opens with Jesus’ entry into Jerusalem and carries us through the Last Supper. We also witness the Agony in the Garden, the Cross, and the glorious Resurrection of our beloved Savior. Defilippis uses few props, allowing the text and the majestic musical score to speak straight to the heart. THE PASSION ACCORDING TO LUKE opened in Lent 1981. This popular spiritual drama continues to tour the country nearly every year during the spring. Audiences constantly remark on the profound impact that our live production of the Gospel has had on their lives. “When you perform the Word of God, you feel this tremendous grace,” comments Defilippis. “As an actor you begin to see that this is not another script. If you believe the Word of God is God, then Jesus becomes present in the actor for the people. It is Jesus who does all. I do nothing.”