The Production

Leonardo Defilippis’s one-man Catholic theater production, Vianney, opens amidst the chaos of the French Revolution. This period in French history mirrors the secularization, materialism, and anti-religious sentiment of our own day. Because of these parallels, Vianney is a powerful tool for the evangelization of our contemporary culture. Against this dramatic backdrop, a simple peasant priest enters Ars. This backwater town is a place where no one cares much about their faith. They don’t expect much out of John Vianney either, but then the impossible begins to happen. Through John’s example, love, and sacrifice, the townspeople begin to change. This is a story of perseverance against all odds. It is the story of a humble pastor with a passion for souls. He’ll do anything to save a sinner. Played with Leonardo’s warmth, humor, and insight, Saint John Vianney is a man with whom audiences fall in love. “It is my prayer that when people meet John Vianney, they will be transformed by his life, story and message,” says Leonardo Defilippis. “I know that young men looking for a radical way of serving God will be drawn to the priesthood through his example.” Over the last two decades, thousands of people have seen Vianney. Audiences have grown closer to Christ, and many young men have indeed discerned vocations to the religious life. Our production incorporates an original musical score by composer Randall DeBruyn. With our state-of-the-art technology, we project a full cast of characters onto a screen, making the story come alive in a multimedia experience. Above all, Leonardo’s portrayal brings audiences to tears, laughter, and a deep experience of the presence of God in our midst.