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"The Year of Mercy Rosary is one of the most beautiful and inspiring renditions of the Rosary on CD I have ever heard. I also love it that each Rosary is complete and includes the closing prayers. Other CDs I have purchased of the Rosary do not do this and I often wonder why not! The meditations are wonderful, and the cost is so reasonable. I have given several away as gifts...THANK YOU. My prayer is that God bless your ministry." ~ C.W., Washington D.C.

"I came to this performance thinking it would be good but did not expect the scope of how this production moved me down to the core. I highly encourage everyone to support and watch this show. This is a story that relates to all of our lives, whether young or old, and the message of Divine Mercy should be talked about and shared more in our society." ~ C.N., Livermore, CA

"Excellent eye opening play! Of all my years in Catholic School I've never heard this story. I loved the portrayal! It was so real." ~ Ilona R., Dallas, TX

"My life will never be the same again." ~ Fr. Mark Poulin

"I just finished watching The Gift of Peace and I was in AWE...If I was not a Christian already I would have become one on the spot." ~ M.D.