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"Though I haven't yet stabilized from the impact of your tremendous proclamation of John's Gospel, I need to express my thanks and the gratitude of the deepest part of my being in admiration of the gifts you share...It sets on fire my desire to believe with my whole being." ~ Sr. Joyce Barsotti

"The production was excellent. The actor and projections was very well done. I thoroughly enjoyed it. At the end I really thought I knew Fr. Tolton personally. Great job!!" ~ Veranese M., Montgomery, AL

"The Confessions of Saint Augustine is a story for today, performed with honesty by a talented actor who understands what conversion to Christ really means." ~ Bishop Ricken, Green Bay, WI

"I would very much like to thank you for this I love it so much. I love Maria's voice. It draws me into the mysteries more." ~ Mike

"I left the Church feeling almost as if I had seen the Lord himself." ~ Paula B.