Live Drama Reviews


"I know I may just be a teenager, but Faustina taught me that God is more than just a person. God has always been there, and I knew it, but He wasn't one of the most important things in my life. This play has made me realize God cares about me, and I should pay more attention to Him. It makes me want to put more of my interest in Him and the Church and praying more often than what I usually do. Thank you for encouraging me through this play."
~ Anonymous

Gift of Peace

"My heart was lifted up. This is truly great theatrical work but, more importantly, a great message told by someone who obviously has a close relation with the Living God. And to see this message told with such theatrical skill and talent set at a very high bar was both refreshing and a real treat."
~ DB


"I came to this performance thinking it would be good but did not expect the scope of how this production moved me down to the core. I highly encourage everyone to support and watch this show. This is a story that relates to all of our lives, whether young or old, and the message of Divine Mercy should be talked about and shared more in our society."
~ CN
Livermore, CA

Gospel of John

"Though I haven’t yet stabilized from the impact of your tremendous proclamation of John’s Gospel, I need to express my thanks and the gratitude of the deepest part of my being in admiration of the gifts you share...It sets on fire my desire to believe with my whole being."
~ Sister Joyce Barsotti


"Most riveting play I have ever seen...had me on the edge of my seat the entire time!"
~ Kari


"The production was excellent. The actor and projections was very well done. I thoroughly enjoyed it. At the end I really thought I knew Fr. Tolton personally. Great job!!"
~ Veranese M.
Montgomery, AL


"My life will never be the same again."
~ Fr. Mark Poulin


"The performance has moved me in special way especially closer to God and at a troubling time in my life. It was uplifting and I feel blessed to have witnessed it. Thank you."
~ Brianna O.
Pittsburg, CA


"Faustina is not mere entertainment, but a prayerful invitation to God's love and mercy for each one of us, which is so desperately needed in this so terribly confused and broken world, and I deeply encourage all to see it."
~ Br. Timothy Childers, MIC
Stockbridge, MA

The Passion

"I left the Church feeling almost as if I had seen the Lord himself."
~ Paula Burgan