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"This rosary is AMAZING. Job well done. Each meditation is very well written and makes you really think what Jesus went through. GOD BLESS YOU."

"I went to a production of Faustina - thru her intercession I was able to forgive my father for the sexual abuse I endured from him. I think it brought peace to him and I know peace for me. Thank you." ~ Anonymous, OR

"My wife was tested for cancer and we are currently waiting for the results. We have 6 kids (from ages 10 down to 1). I can’t tell you how much the performance impacted me and brought a sense of peace to my soul. Everything is in the hands of the Merciful Jesus!" ~ Mike, NE

"All and all an unbelievable show that inspired me to praise God." ~ Patrick E., Dallas, TX

"I did not expect to be riveted! The performance and the sermons are so compelling, it is difficult to turn away." ~ Alecto