Live Drama Reviews


"Excellent- beautiful message of love forgiveness and respect for all people."
~ Priscilla M.
Farmers Branch, TX

Gift of Peace

"I was so impressed with your versatility playing multiple roles. I was extremely amazed by the use of the cape. It breathed life in its transformations. God has given you such an incredible talent to share His love for us in your performances."
~ Becky


"Whenever I struggle and want to run away and I hear the devil laughing at me, I see Saint John Vianney in your production and I find all the strength I need."
~ Leslie L.


"I wasn't sure what to expect. Our Priest offered the ticket for anyone who wanted to come see this. As a librarian and a lover of history I was thrilled to come. Something that incorporates my faith and love out storytelling! What a wonderful performance! Thank you!"
~ Rita F.
Bristol, IN

Gospel of John

"I was simply overwhelmed and moved to tears. This drama is an experience of the presence of Christ Himself."
~ Sister Fidelis Kreutzer

Gospel of John

"It has opened to me a whole new experience of the Gospel of St. John. The symbolism is truly powerful!"
~ Rev. Chuck Brock

John of the Cross

"I really loved how Saint John of the Cross was portrayed with a deep love for God and desire for union with Him. I liked seeing his love even in prison where he wrote the "Dark Night of Soul.""
~ Michael

The Passion

"There are no words which would adequately describe the power and beauty of your work. The memory of last evening will be with me always, burning as a bright, guiding light in my faith. "
~ Bill Button


"One of my FAVE productions! Saw you at Christ Cathedral and loved it!! It was an extremely moving production that pierced me to my core. I went with my small faith community and we loved it!!!"
~ JS


"This was fabulous, please continue to share his beautiful life story."
~ Rita L.
Dallas, TX