Live Drama Reviews

The Passion

"I left the Church feeling almost as if I had seen the Lord himself."
~ Paula Burgan


"Because of your portrayal of Maximilian Kolbe, who, as a result, has now become my "guiding light" in overcoming 47 years of intense alcohol use, I am alcohol free - going on my 3rd year - and don't partake except at Daily Mass...It got me moving, thinking, and going to seek help and also looking into Our Lord of Divine Mercy. "
~ JK
Burlington, WI


"This needs to be seen by everyone not only if your Catholic but all people. Such a moving and wonderful told story."
~ Erica L.
Grand Prairie, TX


"Francis Troubadour of God's Peace has earned plaudits in both Catholic and Protestant press. The play brings us closer to the heart of Christ."
~ The Chicago Catholic
Chicago, IL


"The Confessions of Saint Augustine is a story for today, performed with honesty by a talented actor who understands what conversion to Christ really means. "
~ Bishop Ricken
Green Bay, WI


"Excellent eye opening play! Of all my years in Catholic School I've never heard this story. I loved the portrayal! It was so real."
~ Ilona R.
Dallas, TX

Gift of Peace

"I was so impressed with your versatility playing multiple roles. I was extremely amazed by the use of the cape. It breathed life in its transformations. God has given you such an incredible talent to share His love for us in your performances."
~ Becky


"Whenever I struggle and want to run away and I hear the devil laughing at me, I see Saint John Vianney in your production and I find all the strength I need."
~ Leslie L.


"I wasn't sure what to expect. Our Priest offered the ticket for anyone who wanted to come see this. As a librarian and a lover of history I was thrilled to come. Something that incorporates my faith and love out storytelling! What a wonderful performance! Thank you!"
~ Rita F.
Bristol, IN

Gospel of John

"I was simply overwhelmed and moved to tears. This drama is an experience of the presence of Christ Himself."
~ Sister Fidelis Kreutzer